Henry Madden Library

Student Success Fund

The Henry Madden Library is the intellectual hub of Fresno State, where we envision our space as a catalyst for bold investigation and knowledge creation. But what happens when our space is closed and our students and faculty are expected to work from home without direct access to our building? That’s when we double-down on our mission to boldly empower our students for success.  Your donation will enable the Henry Madden Library to support Fresno State's 25,000+ students and faculty as they navigate the world of virtual learning through the Library's 24/7 online services. They include chat, email, Zoom and phone consultations with librarians, student-focused webinars and virtual programming, and an ever-growing collection of e-resources online databases to support research and inquiry without having to come into the building.

Library Innovation Fund

University libraries are valued for the services they provide to students. The Henry Madden Library is expanding our services to meet the needs of our Fresno State students and to prepare them for the technology-driven workforce and world. As an Innovation Hub, the Library provides a nexus for creativity and collaboration across disciplines and prepares students for a variety of career paths and research opportunities. Your donation will help the Library shift into a hub of innovative technology, allowing Fresno State to be a catalyst for change in the Central Valley by providing students with world-class video studios, AR/VR resources, creating a Data Science Center, and investing in early access to emerging technologies.

Dean's Special Projects Fund

As the largest academic library between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the Henry Madden Library’s state of the art building houses some of the most significant collections in the California State University system. As the Henry Madden Library faces budgetary challenges, your donation to the Dean's Special Projects Fund will allow the Dean of Library Services to fund special projects that continue to make the Library the academic pride of the Central Valley.  Projects will include special speakers, exhibits, and collection enhancement.

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