College of Science and Mathematics

Health Career Opportunities Program (HCOP)

How can you increase the number and diversity of health care professionals in the Central Valley? HCOP is dedicated to serving students from economically-and/or educationally-disadvantaged backgrounds that have an interest in pursuing a career in the health and allied health professions. The Central Valley has struggled for years to attract doctors, with physician-to-resident ratios well below what medical experts say is needed for adequate healthcare. Graduates of this program attend prestigious health professional schools and many return to serve in the Central Valley.

Lab Renovations 

Make an investment that will support Bulldogs tackling the scientific and technical problems facing our communities. Investment in lab renovations – including virtual reality tools – will ensure every student studying a science discipline participates in hands-on research in their academic studies. With these upgrades, our teaching laboratories will help facilitate research projects that incorporate the latest technology while creating innovative spaces that promote collaboration among students and instructors.

Course Based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs)

CUREs is an investment that brings original research experiences into the classroom to effectively train, retain, and increase the number of STEM majors at Fresno State. Faculty and students select a vital research question or complex real-world problem and then conduct experiments and analyses as an integral part of their study. Your support will provide the necessary funds and supplies so that first-year students experience authentic scientific research and are then able to present their results at regional and national meetings.

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