This year, nearly 1,800 students are pursuing the six nationally-accredited degrees (Civil, Computer, Electrical, Geomatics and Mechanical Engineering as well as Construction Management) and two graduate degrees (Civil Engineering and Engineering with options in Computer, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering) in the Lyles College of Engineering – the highest number the college has seen in 60 years.

Our graduates have made great strides globally in a variety of industries, such as aerospace, electronics, manufacturing, geo-spatial, energy, construction, infrastructure and more. They have held positions as presidents and CEOs of large corporations, astronauts, entrepreneurs, designers, construction managers, and innovators. Your gift will allow us to continue the tradition of producing successful graduates and provide learning opportunities that reach beyond the classroom.

Student Success Fund

Supporting student leadership, professional development, innovation and design

Student success extends beyond the classroom and course grades – it also includes experiential learning through professional networking, conference presentations, project development and hands-on research. The Student Success Fund will provide opportunities for students to participate in professional leadership and career readiness programs including workshops, co-curricular instructional programs, industry visits, and student conferences. It will also provide financial support to students who work closely with faculty members to conduct research and create projects in their disciplines. These extra-curricular experiences will allow students to dive deeper into their research topic and work collaboratively with other student researchers – while refining their oral and written communications skills.

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